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Web Racing brings a new level of motivational
experience along with both real and virtual competition
to every piece of cardio equipment.

Web Racing stations can be moved to different locations,
repositioned and used for any of the Web Racing programs
Within minutes it can be adjusted to go from running to
rowing to cycling to elliptical.

Set your facility above the rest by giving your clients access to a new level of motivational media providing real fun and real sweat for your clients.

A unique source for client motivation, inspiration and retention!

Easily installs on all new and exisiting equipment. Quickly relocates between cardio staions. Work out beside a partner or race head-to-head against them.

Web Racing Stations Feature:
  • Adjustable height and viewing angle
  • 18" to 32" LCD display options
  • Completely mobile
  • Automated-self-running
  • Premium cable management

Benefits of Web Racing include
  • Builds camaraderie
  • lntensifies rider competition
  • Boosts adrenaline and endorphin release
  • On-screen competition helps participants focus
  • Increase workout satisfaction
  • Connects easily with all existing and new cardio cycling equipment
Multiple stations can be easily
combined to create competitive
team work out groups.Up to 12
units can operate within the same
virtual reality environment.Utilizing
a single server.

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