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Web Racing™ is a great way for anyone to get fit and healthy – your kids will love it!

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"Training on exercise equipment can be extremely dull. It offers no interaction or mental stimulation. You see people at the gym on the exercise bikes reading magazines and know there is no way they are focusing on their training which can achieve only poor results. Web Racing™ keeps you focused and psychologically engaged, meaning that you burn more calories and achieve greater muscle tone over the same time period. It is a definite must for anyone who finds it difficult to stay motivated during exercise and, most of all, it’s great fun!" - Duncan Lawson, Director of Instyle®

It’s ideal for anyone with a competitive streak as you can choose to race against other users all over the world. You could find yourself competing in the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race against people in all four corners of the globe! There’s even a forum so you can chat online with fellow Web Racers. The programme allows you to design your own personal Avator (virtual character) to represent you. You choose the sex, name and even the outfit so no-one need know the real person behind the virtual contestant!

If the element of competition isn’t for you.


There is a ghost rider option which allows you to compete against your last performance. Web Racing™ records your data allowing you to monitor your progress, helping you to continuously challenge your fitness levels. Web Racing™ ensures you get a fantastic workout while the presence of other participants and authentic scenery keep your mind engaged to the point that you can easily forget how hard you are actually working. Boring exercise is a thing of the past!