Fitness Machines Compatibility

NetAthlon® Compatible Fitness Equipments

NetAthlon software supports various exercise bikes, bike trainers, rowing machines, and treadmills. Please check the list below to see which equipment you have.

If you have a fitness equipment with no PC connection, we provide the Peak Training System Sensor Kit which will turn your fitness equipment into a Virtual Reality Experience.

NOTE: We advise you to test your equipment with NetAthlon during the 15 day trial period as some newer models within the same brand might not be compatible.

Biking Rowing Running

Axiom Powertrain 1,2 (Elite)
Blackburn Exerscape (Retrofit Device)
Cateye w/RS232C Kit
CycleFX - Peak Training System Sensor Kit (Wired Retrofit Device)

- Any trainer
- V 25.41or v27.41
- w/ PC1 upgrade
Cycleops Electronic Trainer
Daum Ergo Bike 8008
Dynastream USB Interface (Wireless Retrofit Device)
FitXF - enabled bikes
Inside Ride Bike - E-motion Roller (w/ Peak Sensor)
Kettler (Click here for USB driver)
- KX-1/SX-1
- EX1, X1, X3, X5, X7. RX7
- Ergo Racer GT
- Axiom P2
Kurt Kinetic Trainer (w/ Peak Sensor)
LAT Magnetic TrainerKettler
Lode - All Old Excalibur models
Minoura ICE Trainer (Minoura Ergo 10, 50, RDA Interim 10, RDA Interim 50)
Tacx i-Magic Trainer (USB)
Tacx i-Magic Sensorset Upgrade (USB)
Tacx Fortius
    T4, T6 or E Series (NOT new models)
    Tunturi T8 (Alpha 200 or 300 Console)
Velodyne 1,2

Concept 2 PM 2,3,4 (Click here for driver)
CycleFX - Peak Training System Sensor Kit (Wired Retrofit Device)
- Ergo Coach LS
- X-Row E3
 WaterRower Series 1,2,3,4 (Series 4 PC cable available here)


CycleFX - Peak Training System Sensor Kit (Wired Retrofit Device)
Daum (Old model)
HP Cosmos (Old model)
- Ergometer CTR 3
- EXT7 Cross Trainer
- Syncross V2, V3
Powerjog J Series
True Fitness Treadmill (Old model)

Heart Rate Monitors Compatibility

Heart Rate Monitors Compatibility

UltraCoach software supports various heart rate monitors. The software downloads data and uploads configuration data with a minimal of time and trouble.

If you own a heart rate monitor like Polar, UltraCoach® will accept the data manually and create heart curves and other similar data integrated into you fitness performance fileset so it will make more sense to you and a trainer or coach. UltraCoach will produce a grid that lets you enter heart rate data manually.

Heart Rate Monitor
Acumen 50 & Acumen 100
Cardiosport Exel Sport PC
Cateye MSC 2Dx and 3Dx
Timex Data Recorder
Polar products
Vantage XL
Vantage NV
Accurex Plus
XTrainer Plus