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Fitness Is Evolving

A revolution is taking place in our gym culture.

Working out in the virtual world is proven to achieve greater results,
increase motivation and put the fun into fitness.

Web Racing Features

  • Software platform for all cardio equipment,
    bikes, rowers ,kayak , treadmill, eliptical machines.
  • Virtual world,race tracks, games, where cardio equipment drives
    the avatars (on screen players) with on screen racing/training
  • Web-Racing Bikes, Velodrome, Mountain, BMX, Street \Road Racing
  • Wireless connections
  • Gaming buttons
  • Multiple equipment connects to one computer/server
  • Internet connected,giving worldwide racing/interaction,
    VOIP & webchat is built in, allowing social groups to develop.
  • Data Delivered,speed, distance, calories, power,
    heart rate etc is available per logged in user

If you want to attract more members to your club, retain clients and be at the forefront of a fitness revolution, it’s time to embrace WeRacing™.

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