UltraCoach® 3.0 Athletic Training Software v 3.0 is a comprehensive software tool that simplifies and automates the collection, recording, analysis, and reporting of health fitness and athletic performance data. It is customizable to accommodate all levels of athlete from beginner to Olympian.

UltraCoach downloads data directly from a growing array of athletic performance measurement devices, including heart rate watches, cyclometers, pedometers, and more. UltraCoach also allows you to manage data captured by fitness machines during NetAthlon training sessions.

UltraCoach aids athletes, coaches and trainers by allowing all training data to be shared easily and automatically over the Internet.

UltraCoach 3.0 features:
Multi-user and multi-sport.
Comes in two versions: Lite and Full version.

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UltraCoach® 3.0 Lite

  • This is the limited version of UltraCoach and its feature limited for the following: single-user, no heart rate monitor downloads, and single sport.
  • Accepts NetAthlon files for viewing and analysis.
  • Reads Graber PowerTap files.
  • This is the software program available with NetAthlon software.
  • Setup wizard - makes configuring your UltraCoach a snap.
  • Training notes with up to 4000 characters, plenty of room for a diary.
  • Equipment log - keeps track of equipment usage, needed repairs and maintenance, custom alarms.

UltraCoach® 3.0 Full Version

  • All of the features of UltraCoach Lite plus features "grayed out" in the Lite version PLUS.
  • Multi-user up to 10 file sets.
  • Tracks up to 60 health and physiological factors .
  • Logs and tracks up to 100 aspects of fitness performance data per user per day.
  • Configures each End-user for up to 6 sports or activities.
  • Multisport analysis: Many users cross-train and are involved in several sports. Being able to track and train and know "what is going on" is very valuable for amateurs and professionals.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface with upfront performance summary and calendar window.
  • Complete graphing, reporting, and other utilities including date to date, aspect specific, etc.
  • Chart and report utilities - flexible charts with 3D functionality to make sense of your workout data and allow therapists to submit reports for billing. This is enhanced in the full-featured program with animations and perspectives making for a more complete analysis of training and competitive data.
  • Built-in encrypted E-mail utility that provides an easy communication facility for athletes and coaches. You can compress, encrypt, and send your performance data file to trainers and coaches and therapists.
  • Equipment maintenance: Fitness machines need maintenance and this built-in utility notifies the user of required maintenance and alerts on when parts should be serviced.
  • Equipment tracker manages fitness equipment use. Permits download of heart rate monitors including Polar "S" series, and more. Click for details.
  • Configuration Wizard for fast individual program setup and data entry.
  • FitCentric® NetAthlon® virtual reality training software-compatible, for submax testing using the virtual Olympic Velodrome course. NetAthlon® works with many fitness machines and adapters with data downloading, real-time data onscreen and data recording using our library of 3D courses on and off the Internet.
  • Free updates using the FitCentric EasyUpdate™ utility for updates via the Internet: This feature gives the user updates that registered users of UltraCoach® 3.0 full version receive.
  • Support for new operating systems: Operating systems keep evolving and computers get replaced and retired. UltraCoach® 3.0 full version permits easy transfer of performance files onto new computers and into new operating environments.
  • Free second computer installation.
  • Technical support for registered users: support by E-mail or fax; FAQ page on website;

UltraCoach - Heart Rate Data


Heart Rate Data
1. Downloads all data from many heart rate monitors and fitness devices (Polar, PowerTap, CatEye) and saves in the user's individual file set for easy encrypted emailing.
2. Easy overlay of heart rate curves for performance comparisons and heart zone analysis
3. Heart rate curve editor for error correction.

UltraCoach® Software Requirements:

  • Windows compatible application for Windows versions 98, Me, 2000 and XP.
  • Requires Pentium II or faster, 128 Mb of RAM, 56 MB RAM, and no special need for video or audio
  • For downloading heart rate monitor files into UltraCoach 3.0 full version, the PC must support the downloading device (IR, sound, or modem).
  • Internet ISP required for e-mailing data.
  • Printer required for printed reports.