What is Web Racing™?
Web Racing is the feature of NetAthlon that allows users from anywhere in the world to participate in a common virtual athletic event.

Using the Internet, NetAthlon can connect users of stationary fitness equipment for a common athletic training session or competition anytime, anywhere. NetAthlon offers a Spectator View feature to allow spectators to observe the event in real-time from any Internet-connected PC.

The Fun of Virtual Competition is a few clicks away!
Fitness machines can be linked together using NetAthlon software to provide life like indoor-outdoor activities including virtual training and competition.

Head-to-head competition or training.
Network solution for three or more fitness machines.
Using the Internet for Web Racing allowing remote training or competition asynchronously.

Web Racing with NetAthlon

Head-to-Head Configuration:
2 fitness machines

  • Two fitness machines can be connected together using a USB network cable, peer-to-peer connection using two network cards and a cable or a network hub, or via a wireless networking solution for two devices without a hub.
  • Pacers in the events can be real or virtual, just as in individual training.
Web Racing with NetAthlon

Network configuration of 3 or more fitness machines (Local Area Network or LAN)

  • Three or more fitness machines can be connected together using peer-to-peer USB cabling, or using an Ethernet network hub where each fitness machine has a computer and a wired or wireless connection to the hub.
  • Networks lend themselves to having a "Spectator Cam Computer" so others can view the action with our special " Spectator Cam™" viewing mode. Pacers in the network can be real or virtual.
  • NetAthlon Event Edition is a one-click solution.

Web Racing with NetAthlon

Web Racing™ features:

  • Emulates the outdoor experience with real-time environment sounds and digital backgrounds.
  • Other athletes can join or leave a training or competitive session and try to catch - "Just like real"
  • Supports up to 8 users per session in NetAthlon 1.0 and up to 16 users per session in NetAthlon 2.0.
  • Incorporated in every copy of NetAthlon® 1.0 and 2.0 FREE.
  • Internet connections supported include modems, LANs, or broadband connections (min. band is 19,200)
  • Easy to set up - a few mouse clicks starting on the front page of NetAthlon® and you are online and competitive.
  • You can make appointments with other users via E-mail, Yahoo groups, etc.
  • NetAthlon® supports Gamespy™ network making it even easier to setup sessions with others from various locations
  • FitCentric offers two ways to Web Race®: using our server or using the GameSpy server. Both are available to NetAthlon® users 24 hours per day.
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